Hot Picks April 24, 2020

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Adding a little plant knowledge.


            So… What are Zonal Geraniums really? In short, they are hybrid plants with parentage stemming from Pelargonium Zonale and Pelargonium Inquinans, and hence, we have Pelargonium X Hortorum.  The name ‘Zonal’ originates from the Parent P. Zonal, which has a distinctive rich green leaf with a dark circular zonal band within the leaf.  Nowadays, not all ‘Zonal’ Geranium express this dark circular band within the leaf, but the name sticks.

            Our family favorite is Geranium ‘Stadt Bern’.  Like many other ‘Zonal’ Geraniums, it will not come true from seed, and therefore, stem cutting reproduction is the best method of increase.  Since, this cultivar is an Annual flower, we pot some up in the fall for seasonal color come winter.  It is a great Christmas addition with dark green leaf and red flower.  We also take and root stem cuttings in water.  Remember to refresh your water occasionally to enhance rooting.  At about 3 weeks to a month, transplant to a 3” pot using potting medium.  Come May, parent plants and offspring are set out to provide season log color.  Dead heading spent bloom encourages continued bud development, although this particular cultivar will blooming if not deadheaded.

            So…  Now when you see ‘Zonal’ in our Catalog or on-line, like the new Mojo series or Rocky Mountain Zonal, LOOK TO THE LEAF.  It’s not always in the flower you find your moment of cheer.  Check the leaves for a change of pace.

Hot Picks April 24, 2020

Joke of the Week

How Blonde Was She???

She was sooooo Blonde

*She took the ruler to bed to see how long she slept.

*She spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice can because it said ‘Concentrate’.

*When she heard that 90% of all crimes occur around the home, she moved.

*She thought that if she spoke her mind, she’d be speechless.

*She thought a quarterback was a refund.

*She thought Meow Mix was a CD for cats.

*She thought Boyz II Men was a day care center.

*She told me to meet her at the corner of “WALK” and “DON’T WALK”

*When she missed bus #44 she took bus #22 twice instead.

*She thought General Motors was in the army.

*She tried to put M&M’s in alphabetical order.

*She studied for a blood test.

*She had a shirt that said “TGIF” which she thought stood for “This Goes In Front”

*She thinks Taco Bell is the Mexican phone company.



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